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Message in a Bottle?

Hello, Folks.

I have NO idea if anyone else will ever really see this. But a year or so ago Katy, a member of this community and our past effort to boisterously thank Tabrett, let me know that she had found out that Tabrett had in fact received our package and was very moved by it.

I thought I should post notice of this here at the time, but, well... see my first sentence.

I know much of the community has moved on to other venues and interests, including myself, but when lj sent a "We miss you" email it reminded me of this and my moldering account here and so I thought it would still be nice to put a happy period on our little adventure, for as long as our digital footprint lasts.

Congrats to all of us!! Mission truly accomplished! And I hope all of you are very well.

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Final word?

Hey, all. Hope you're all fantastic.

A Project Comm member recently asked via the comments if perhaps we should try and contact Tabrett directly about the package we sent (since the only word we got was from her Agent) and wondered also if maybe the Comm could work on a new project for Tab's birthday in May.

I thought it might be good to share part of my response with the Community as a whole:

I can't speak for beautifullauren, only myself, but I consider this Project over.

We all made an amazing effort and got it safely to her agent (as was confirmed) and can certainly assume, that at some point, it was probable that it got into Tabrett's hands. The package was full of info on how Tabrett could reach us if she wanted. Further contact about it from us would verge on annoying and presumptuous at this point, IMO.

I'm as bummed as any of you, if not more so, that she hasn't personally acknowledged the package. But there's little else to be done about it, in my mind.

I absolutely have no regrets AT ALL for the effort we made. We sent alot of good vibes and good wishes and admiration and I don't doubt that was felt in some way. Sometimes we just have to express our feelings and thanks without expecting anything back. That's a true gift.

I think we did good and I'm proud of all of us.

My best to all you fellow fans with good taste!
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Receipt Confirmed!

We know it's been awhile - and after not hearing anything about our Project package for over a month, we were getting antsy, too!

So we asked our hero of the month (*insert confetti here*) violatrixstone, who lives in Australia, to call Tabrett's agency and get a confirmation for us. And this is what she reports:

"Ok, I called them, they just wanted to say that Tabrett knows about it and she wants to thank us. What Elle (I think that's her agent who I talked to, she was so nice) is planning on doing is taking photos and sending them to Tab but she can't yet because Tabrett doesn't have a confirmed mailing address yet so they're waiting for that to be sorted out before they send them and she (Elle) loves it and thinks it's very sweet. Tabrett, I was told, should be back soon to hold it in her hands and look over it herself and she, I think, will reply to the email address tabappreciation.

Oh and something little, but it was cute. We were called the Tabrett club :) I couldn't help but grin at that.

So yep. Recieved. Tabrett knows and can't wait to see it and they'll send photos to her until she can get it herself when she's finished with the pilot shooting I believe."

So, it may still be awhile before Tabrett herself sees it - happily, cause she's busy working - but at least we know for sure it's in safe hands, waiting for her.

And hey, we're "the Tabrett Club", too. Like "The Mickey Mouse Club"! I wanna hat and t-shirt! :)
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Package Arrived!

Hey, folks!

We'd hoped to have some sort of tangible acknowledgment to share before posting again, but that hasn't happened (yet!), so since it's been awhile, I wanted to reassure everyone of what we do know. Via the tracking number, we know that the package arrived safely in Australia and was delivered to the mailing address on March 12th.

This is the Agency's PO Box, though, so they still have to pick up their mail (I imagine as a business mailing addy, they must collect it fairly regularly). I attached a "packing list"-like note to the outside, to their attention, asking them to let us know they have it, but no response (yet!).

Strange as it may be, our priorities might not be theirs. lol

We're trying alternate ways to confirm receipt in the meantime, and will (of course!) let you know if we hear anything else. With Tabrett in Toronto filming "Poe", we can assume it will be awhile before she can take possession of it, anyway.

Happy Spring, Happy Fall - whatever applies! :)

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Hey guys,

Now that we're done with our project, i'd like to thank all of you for participating. I didn't have high hopes when i opened this community, so i was really glad and a little surprised when so many of you responded. I'm sorry if i annoyed you with my constant babbling and pm's during this project, but i only wanted for everyone to have the opportunity to express how they feel for Tabrett through their art, writing or something entirely different. You are all so talented and best fans one person can have. Thank you for making this project possible my friends.

Also i want to say special thanks to Bron (rhyfeddu). You are my hero, without you this project would never end up being what it is. I admire your dedication, you never give up, and that's something that helped us in achieving what we did. Thank you bb, you rock. *hugs*

I'm sure there will still be news about our scrapbook, but i just wanted to thank y'all. :D

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Package Shipped!

Our Project baby came in at hefty 23 pounds, 2.4 oz. We're SO PROUD! :D

And it's on its way to Tabrett.

Now, there is a very good reason why it took a week to ship, but since it's been overcome and is over with, let's just look at the happy end results, shall we? Just trust me. This was a hell of a contrary delivery. LOL

Excuse my black out redactions, too, I'm with the CIA, someone convinced me I should be more cautious with on-line info. :b

As soon as we get any word at all, you know we'll let you know. Cheers!

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The Project is done!!!!

Yep, you read that right. That wayward scrapbook cover finally showed, and the finishing touches are done. This puppy is ready to MAIL.

Also, today is the birthday of my Tab App partner-in-crime, beautifullauren, my Project rock and cheering section and sanity check! :b

So...big day!!!
Let's celebrate!!!

(I played the crap out of this song while working! It's like the Project Theme Song!)

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THANKS to everyone for hanging in there and never losing faith we would get this done - LOL - And for the encouragement, which was priceless (I feel like this is an Oscar speech!). This Project rocks, people. I can't wait till Tabrett sees it.

I'll be posting again in the next few days to confirm the shipping! Alright...back to the dancing!!!
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More scrapbook pages

Hey, there! Posting more pages!

Usual caveat/disclaimers:

1) Sorry for the flash and occasional XMAS lights (I know, still up). Too bad you can't see the paper textures well - the flash tends to wash things out...
2) Don't be alarmed if you haven't seen your submission: There are still plenty of pages I haven't photographed, and you may have ended up on a page with someone who asked that their entry not be shown. If you're concerned at all, PM me.
3) As referenced above, If for some reason you don't want the world to see your submission, PM me and I'll take the pic down.

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Want to Help Australia?

This isn't an "official Project post", really, just a thought and a nudge to perhaps interested parties...

LiveJournal is now making available one of those virtual gifts that we exchange on LJ, where the proceeds go to flood relief in Australia (LJ is even covering the processing costs). I know this Community has already been unbelievably generous with Disaster Relief donations of late, but if you're so inclined, I thought it worth mentioning that you can send a virtual gift right here to this Community, and so fund the flood relief.

Each "gift" is $2.99, can be paid by Paypal or regular credit account. Just go to the Tabrett Bethell Appreciation Project community profile page (the icon for that is nearly invisible with our color scheme, but the profile icon is up at the top of the page, in the apparent "space" to the left of our name). On our profile page, there's a box to the upper right, where you can select "send V-gift". Then look for this nifty country/flag icon:

It seems appropriate to rack up Australian icons on our profile page. :) And even more appropriate to help out Tab's home country, if we're able.

Happy weekend, all!
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Donation scrapbook pages


I finally got the physical stuff in the mail from Direct Relief International! I admit being a bit disappointed in the Tribute Card (aesthetically speaking). It was a simple greeting card with a bare bones fill-in-the-blank wording inside. I was expecting something more fancy and "certificate-y". LOL But I pulled some images off the DRI webpage and jazzed the presentation up a bit. Sorry for the flash problem - hope you all can make it out okay. I also used the letter I received thanking us for the donation. I just put our Project name over my mailing addy at the top. It has nice info/overview of the work DRI does, which I thought would be good to include. :)

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Also, an update on the Custom Leather Cover... I got the tracking number off the Seller and my local Post Office guy looked into it. He confirmed it shipped 12/30/10, and was even sent Express Mail. The last scan on the custom form says it was prepped for International Delivery, but that it's currently in Customs limbo. *sigh* I'm sure trying to send it during the holiday onslaught didn't help. But like The Truth, it is out there, at least. I'm hoping they'll catch up with the load soon and get it on to my oh, so eager hands. (My local guy says it would just be days to get it from the eastern port once it's released). So...that's where we are there.

I hope you'll excuse me not posting more scrapbook pics tonight. I'm frankly tuckered. I plan on getting back to it the beginning of the week, tho.

Thanks, guys! Enjoy the weekend! (Hey, it's gonna be 5 degrees here again tonite! I call Big Spoon! :b)