beautifullauren (beautifullauren) wrote in tabappreciation,

Hey guys,

Now that we're done with our project, i'd like to thank all of you for participating. I didn't have high hopes when i opened this community, so i was really glad and a little surprised when so many of you responded. I'm sorry if i annoyed you with my constant babbling and pm's during this project, but i only wanted for everyone to have the opportunity to express how they feel for Tabrett through their art, writing or something entirely different. You are all so talented and best fans one person can have. Thank you for making this project possible my friends.

Also i want to say special thanks to Bron (rhyfeddu). You are my hero, without you this project would never end up being what it is. I admire your dedication, you never give up, and that's something that helped us in achieving what we did. Thank you bb, you rock. *hugs*

I'm sure there will still be news about our scrapbook, but i just wanted to thank y'all. :D

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