rhyfeddu (rhyfeddu) wrote in tabappreciation,

Package Arrived!

Hey, folks!

We'd hoped to have some sort of tangible acknowledgment to share before posting again, but that hasn't happened (yet!), so since it's been awhile, I wanted to reassure everyone of what we do know. Via the tracking number, we know that the package arrived safely in Australia and was delivered to the mailing address on March 12th.

This is the Agency's PO Box, though, so they still have to pick up their mail (I imagine as a business mailing addy, they must collect it fairly regularly). I attached a "packing list"-like note to the outside, to their attention, asking them to let us know they have it, but no response (yet!).

Strange as it may be, our priorities might not be theirs. lol

We're trying alternate ways to confirm receipt in the meantime, and will (of course!) let you know if we hear anything else. With Tabrett in Toronto filming "Poe", we can assume it will be awhile before she can take possession of it, anyway.

Happy Spring, Happy Fall - whatever applies! :)
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