rhyfeddu (rhyfeddu) wrote in tabappreciation,

Final word?

Hey, all. Hope you're all fantastic.

A Project Comm member recently asked via the comments if perhaps we should try and contact Tabrett directly about the package we sent (since the only word we got was from her Agent) and wondered also if maybe the Comm could work on a new project for Tab's birthday in May.

I thought it might be good to share part of my response with the Community as a whole:

I can't speak for beautifullauren, only myself, but I consider this Project over.

We all made an amazing effort and got it safely to her agent (as was confirmed) and can certainly assume, that at some point, it was probable that it got into Tabrett's hands. The package was full of info on how Tabrett could reach us if she wanted. Further contact about it from us would verge on annoying and presumptuous at this point, IMO.

I'm as bummed as any of you, if not more so, that she hasn't personally acknowledged the package. But there's little else to be done about it, in my mind.

I absolutely have no regrets AT ALL for the effort we made. We sent alot of good vibes and good wishes and admiration and I don't doubt that was felt in some way. Sometimes we just have to express our feelings and thanks without expecting anything back. That's a true gift.

I think we did good and I'm proud of all of us.

My best to all you fellow fans with good taste!
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