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Hey guys!

First, we want to let you know that we've been able to confirm our contact info and have been reassured that Tabrett will receive anything we send her. This is happening!!

Ok, seeing that some of your ideas were pretty similar, rather than vote for just one way, I decided that maybe it's the best if we use them all for our project! That way everyone can express themselves in the way that's best for them. So here's the ways you can be involved:

OPTION ONE: Showing Tabrett her presence on-line! First, gathering links that feature Tab or Cara on the Internet: Comms from lj, sites like captivatedbytabrett, groups on twitter and facebook etc. Second, gathering/collecting all kind of amazing arts online. I have seen lots of great ones at deviantart, for example. We can ask artists if we could use them for our scrapbook. Then after gathering I can resize them and put them all together in photoshop. Then I can send it to rhyfeddu and she can print them. Third, gathering positive comments about her, Cara, her acting, anything we find online.

If you want to help in this effort, please let us know so no one is doing the same thing. Just comment here and let us know what area you want to work on and/or what you've found.

OPTION TWO: Now this is the fun part. All of us can do anything we are good at to show our appreciation. Writing (letters, poems etc.), fanarts (wallpapers, banners, drawings, icons, comics, even picspams etc.), videos (of Tab, Cara or both). So basically you can do whatever you want. If you're really shy or stumped, just writing "I love you, Tab" scrawled on a postcard is perfectly fine. ;)

If you're still stuck but want to say more, use this questionaire form as inspiration:

Why do you like Tabrett Bethell?
How did you become a fan?
Why do you think she should join Twitter?

OPTION THREE: Audio/Visual. We can either add some kind of banner with our names on it, or we can do what green78 suggested, where everyone can write messages in creative or silly ways and then hold them up to a camera. If someone really wants to do a vid project with members who are able to participate, you can use this forum to organize it!

I (beautifullauren) and rhyfeddu will write a few paragraphs about the project, to explain to Tabrett why we're doing this etc.

Then all of this can be put in one giant scrapbook. Keep in mind, the dimensions of a scrapbook page are 12" X 12" (around 850x850 in pixels). But if you have an amazing 3-D collage you just gotta send, let us know and we'll try and accommodate you!

Of course you can do more than one thing. If you're good at both drawing and video making, do both, if you like to write and make icons, work on both etc.

When you're done, you have two ways to submit:

Tab Appreciation Project
c/o Reece (aka rhyfeddu)
PO Box 649
Yellow Springs, Ohio
USA 45387-1512

We'll be creating a SUBMISSION RECIEVED post where you can check for confirmation that your gift to Tabrett has been received. Be sure and include some way to contact you, if we have problems or questions.

And though we know LotS fans are smart, sensitive cookies, this has to be said: Please keep in mind what would be appropriate to send Tabrett. A good rule of thumb is not to send anything her Mum couldn't see! ;)

When we have a sense of the responses and know what's needed, we'll post again about any cost estimates and ask for donations then. But donations are not mandatory to being involved! The only requirement is admiration for Tabrett Bethell. :)


Have fun!

rhyfeddu and beautifullauren

Things i gathered online so far:



- Tabrett Bethell shines on the screen and I predict she will become a household name.
- Tabrett plays this role flawlessly.
- She was truly amazing, I cannot say enough good things about her performance, she will go far in this business.
- Tabrett Bethell's performance was excellent, and I would watch her in anything,
- Tab is incredible in the role. She brings a realness to the character and even as the events of the film get more unreal, she keeps her grounded in an honest and moving performance, even in the face of some unfortunate plot derailing towards the end.
- They couldn't have picked a better person to portray Cara and she is what I pictured her in the book.
- She exudes the cold, pragmatic, capable of doing the dirty work, attitude of a proud Mord'Sith, while still having a tinge of that 9 year old innocent girl still left in her trying to pry herself out.
- She has an impeccable ability to change her emotions seemingly instantly and purvey that emotion in a way that I would believe if I didn't *know* she was acting, which is a something only the best of the actors can do. I actually feel emotions when she acts, her ability to permeate her emotional state is grand indeed.
(will need help with this..i have seen some great comments online but can't find them all now)
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