July 5th, 2015

Ripley in Alien

Message in a Bottle?

Hello, Folks.

I have NO idea if anyone else will ever really see this. But a year or so ago Katy, a member of this community and our past effort to boisterously thank Tabrett, let me know that she had found out that Tabrett had in fact received our package and was very moved by it.

I thought I should post notice of this here at the time, but, well... see my first sentence.

I know much of the community has moved on to other venues and interests, including myself, but when lj sent a "We miss you" email it reminded me of this and my moldering account here and so I thought it would still be nice to put a happy period on our little adventure, for as long as our digital footprint lasts.

Congrats to all of us!! Mission truly accomplished! And I hope all of you are very well.

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