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Project Update! Getting near the finish line?

Well, I have to say, it seems like the end is actually in sight. :) I have some info on the few things holding us up yet (but should be resolved soon), but first I want to share with you something else that will be included in the Project...

jspencer1986 is a talented fellow who is an independent singer/songwriter from Brisbane, Australia and also a big Cara/Kahlan fan. His latest effort is a 5 song EP called "Songs for Kahlan: tales of an unrequited love". And as he puts it, "If you're a fan of Legend of the Seeker (and especially if you're a Cara/Kahlan shipper), you may get a few of the references, but all the songs were written to be heard by the general public, so you don't need to be a fan to enjoy the music." But it certainly is a kick if you do get the references. ;)

James is giving us a physical CD to include in the scrapbook, to share with Tabrett and thank her for the inspiration. I encourage you to check out James' official homesite . You can hear teasers of the songs there. He's selling CDs and you can buy his songs on iTunes, too.

In other news:

The Seller has told me the Custom Leather Cover was shipped late December. I keep thinking it will be on my doorstep every darned day. She said she will get the tracking number to me, but several weeks is not unexpected, considering the distances (and recent weather) involved. So, that's obviously a big hold up. (But I hope and expect it will be so worth it...)

I've gotten several email acknowledgements from Direct Relief International about our donation, but I've yet to receive any Tribute Card in the mail for us to include in the scrapbook. So I intend to call them tomorrow and try and see if it's been sent. (How painfully ironic if our funds end up helping the flood victims in Australia?)

(EDIT UPDATE 1/14/11: Just talked to a rep at DRI. She agrees we've should've receieved the card by now, so we must assume it was mishandled or lost. She's sending me a new one today, so hopefully we'll be able to check that off our list soon!)

So, those are the major remaining obstacles before I can pack up and ship our good wishes on to Tabrett. I'll keep you posted, of course, on any developments. And I'll post some more scrapbook pics next time to hopefully tide you over, as well. :) Thanks!
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