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Donation scrapbook pages


I finally got the physical stuff in the mail from Direct Relief International! I admit being a bit disappointed in the Tribute Card (aesthetically speaking). It was a simple greeting card with a bare bones fill-in-the-blank wording inside. I was expecting something more fancy and "certificate-y". LOL But I pulled some images off the DRI webpage and jazzed the presentation up a bit. Sorry for the flash problem - hope you all can make it out okay. I also used the letter I received thanking us for the donation. I just put our Project name over my mailing addy at the top. It has nice info/overview of the work DRI does, which I thought would be good to include. :)

Also, an update on the Custom Leather Cover... I got the tracking number off the Seller and my local Post Office guy looked into it. He confirmed it shipped 12/30/10, and was even sent Express Mail. The last scan on the custom form says it was prepped for International Delivery, but that it's currently in Customs limbo. *sigh* I'm sure trying to send it during the holiday onslaught didn't help. But like The Truth, it is out there, at least. I'm hoping they'll catch up with the load soon and get it on to my oh, so eager hands. (My local guy says it would just be days to get it from the eastern port once it's released). So...that's where we are there.

I hope you'll excuse me not posting more scrapbook pics tonight. I'm frankly tuckered. I plan on getting back to it the beginning of the week, tho.

Thanks, guys! Enjoy the weekend! (Hey, it's gonna be 5 degrees here again tonite! I call Big Spoon! :b)
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