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Want to Help Australia?

This isn't an "official Project post", really, just a thought and a nudge to perhaps interested parties...

LiveJournal is now making available one of those virtual gifts that we exchange on LJ, where the proceeds go to flood relief in Australia (LJ is even covering the processing costs). I know this Community has already been unbelievably generous with Disaster Relief donations of late, but if you're so inclined, I thought it worth mentioning that you can send a virtual gift right here to this Community, and so fund the flood relief.

Each "gift" is $2.99, can be paid by Paypal or regular credit account. Just go to the Tabrett Bethell Appreciation Project community profile page (the icon for that is nearly invisible with our color scheme, but the profile icon is up at the top of the page, in the apparent "space" to the left of our name). On our profile page, there's a box to the upper right, where you can select "send V-gift". Then look for this nifty country/flag icon:

It seems appropriate to rack up Australian icons on our profile page. :) And even more appropriate to help out Tab's home country, if we're able.

Happy weekend, all!
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