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The Project is done!!!!

Yep, you read that right. That wayward scrapbook cover finally showed, and the finishing touches are done. This puppy is ready to MAIL.

Also, today is the birthday of my Tab App partner-in-crime, beautifullauren, my Project rock and cheering section and sanity check! :b

So...big day!!!
Let's celebrate!!!

(I played the crap out of this song while working! It's like the Project Theme Song!)

This is the text for the intro page, introducing the scrapbook:

Dear Tabrett,

This is our applause.

This gesture was organized on-line and represents the international good wishes and appreciation of people from six continents around the world.

The idea to organize this was sparked by both the end of Legend of the Seeker and an off-hand comment you made last year during the Q & A after the premiere of “The Clinic” in Australia.

You were quoted as saying you were grateful for the opportunity to be in the film, especially since “nobody knows who I am.”

You could’ve meant many things by that, but it occurred to those of us who were still eagerly watching your work on Seeker each week, that you might really have no idea of the impact your talent was having on admirers all over the world. We didn’t like there being any chance of that, so this is our attempt to make sure you do know. And to thank you.

The life you gave to this character has inspired us. It’s inspired our own desires to be bold and brave, to change for the better, to overcome our pasts, to risk being vulnerable.

It might be odd to be confronted so much by your own image, but the image of Cara, your image, has become a shorthand for any and all those things.

In one short season, Cara became a cultural icon for so many of us. Many hands, of course, were involved in creating Cara, but you gave the life-giving pulse to this character, in a way and with a depth most of us can’t imagine anyone else pulling off.

Your efforts and your talent have also inspired our own creativity, reflected in this show of appreciation, whether from the written word, artwork, song, or video (We also encouraged contributors to share a little something about themselves and where they live, so you’d get a sense of who we are, as well).

Lastly, it also inspired us to echo the hero you embodied by supporting something truly heroic in our real world. We collected and donated funds in your honor and name, to the crisis relief charity, Direct Relief International.

We hope it’s satisfying to know how widely and deeply your work has affected us. And we sincerely hope to see and enjoy so much more of your acting in the future.

Most especially, we hope you can hear the applause now.


THANKS to everyone for hanging in there and never losing faith we would get this done - LOL - And for the encouragement, which was priceless (I feel like this is an Oscar speech!). This Project rocks, people. I can't wait till Tabrett sees it.

I'll be posting again in the next few days to confirm the shipping! Alright...back to the dancing!!!
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