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More Info about K/C inspired music.

Hey! Wanted to pass on a note from jspencer1986 about another K/C song!


"I meant to tell you before, there's a 6th song that I wrote and recorded after Songs For Kahlan was released. It just seemed like such a perfect Cara/Kahlan song to me that I wanted to include it with SFK. So I've been giving it out as a free 'bonus track' for the album. It's called Fall In Line, and you can download it here:

Please feel free to pass around the link as I would love for everyone to have this track to round out the whole collection :)"

That ought to make some of his new fans happy... Thanks, James!
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Project Update! Getting near the finish line?

Well, I have to say, it seems like the end is actually in sight. :) I have some info on the few things holding us up yet (but should be resolved soon), but first I want to share with you something else that will be included in the Project...

jspencer1986 is a talented fellow who is an independent singer/songwriter from Brisbane, Australia and also a big Cara/Kahlan fan. His latest effort is a 5 song EP called "Songs for Kahlan: tales of an unrequited love". And as he puts it, "If you're a fan of Legend of the Seeker (and especially if you're a Cara/Kahlan shipper), you may get a few of the references, but all the songs were written to be heard by the general public, so you don't need to be a fan to enjoy the music." But it certainly is a kick if you do get the references. ;)

James is giving us a physical CD to include in the scrapbook, to share with Tabrett and thank her for the inspiration. I encourage you to check out James' official homesite . You can hear teasers of the songs there. He's selling CDs and you can buy his songs on iTunes, too.

In other news:

The Seller has told me the Custom Leather Cover was shipped late December. I keep thinking it will be on my doorstep every darned day. She said she will get the tracking number to me, but several weeks is not unexpected, considering the distances (and recent weather) involved. So, that's obviously a big hold up. (But I hope and expect it will be so worth it...)

I've gotten several email acknowledgements from Direct Relief International about our donation, but I've yet to receive any Tribute Card in the mail for us to include in the scrapbook. So I intend to call them tomorrow and try and see if it's been sent. (How painfully ironic if our funds end up helping the flood victims in Australia?)

(EDIT UPDATE 1/14/11: Just talked to a rep at DRI. She agrees we've should've receieved the card by now, so we must assume it was mishandled or lost. She's sending me a new one today, so hopefully we'll be able to check that off our list soon!)

So, those are the major remaining obstacles before I can pack up and ship our good wishes on to Tabrett. I'll keep you posted, of course, on any developments. And I'll post some more scrapbook pics next time to hopefully tide you over, as well. :) Thanks!
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Some Scrapbook Pages!

To see ourselves into the New Year, I'm posting some piccys of some of the scrapbook pages and an example of the wonderful artwork we've received, this particular one from xavacid.

Caveats: While we gave out the full page dimension of 12" x 12", I quickly realized I'd have to resize down so several pieces would fit on one page, otherwise we'd end up with 3 separate books! Also, in some cases where folks sent in many multiple graphics, I selected 2 or 3 to be used. See above for the reason... We wanted as many different folks to be represented, after all, and need to share the available space. I hope no pitchforks and torches will come my way. Hehe. *ouch*

Don't fret if you don't see your submission - these are not all the pages, to be sure! This is just a little nibble taste. I'll be showing you more soon, though.

(If for some reason, anyone isn't comfortable with their submission being posted like this, just holler and I'll yank the pic.)

***!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!***

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Donation Check off to Direct Relief!

I won't bore you with all the details (unless you ask), but the plan to get the donation funds transferred on-line to Direct Relief in time for them to generate their own Tribute Card and send it directly to Tabrett hit several unforeseen hurdles. In short, I couldn't transfer directly from PayPal for the Tribute Gift Donation (*DRI software*grumble*) and have already spent several days trying to work around the problem via phone and email with DRI and haven't really gotten anywhere, so I'm falling back and punting (American football term. Sorry, our Int'l peeps)...

I ended up having to transfer the total collected from PayPal into my personal checking account and write a check to DRI myself. Not ideal, but I'm documenting this as well as I can so as to not confuse or concern anyone.

I'm asking DRI to send the Tribute Card to me instead and I'll add a page to the scrapbook highlighting the fund raising efforts and the results (!) and it'll probably be better than just getting a single card to Aus, anyway (LOL). It just won't, obviously, get there for Christmas, so I apologize for that. I did try. And I'm stressing to DRI to credit The Tabrett Bethell Appreciation Project to make sure I don't get all the credit, just cause it's my check!

I'll still post a pic of the card/receipt/whatever-acknowledgment-I-get from DRI when I receive it, too.

Anyway, I hope this is all cool with everybody. I want to get something back from DRI ASAP (too many acronyms!) that we can send off to Tab with everything else, and this was the least convoluted solution I could drum up...

And heads up: Next post, I'll include pics of some of the scrapbook pages!! :D

Till, then..
Happy Holidays one and all!
Toast a little egg nog to all our Project Awesomeness! ;)

EDIT 12/30/10:

Got this last night via email. :) It's just a short, probably automatic robot acknowledgment, but I'm glad to know for sure that they've gotten it!

Still looking for that Tribute Card(s) through the mail, though!!! Will post when I receive it...


Thank you so much for your donation.

All the millions of people we affect, not only world-wide, but right here in the US, from Santa Barbara to the east coast are truly thankful. Your donation is leveraged to help the largest number of people in the most effective way.

All the best to you and your family during this holiday season.

Jonathan R. Glasoe
Senior Development Officer
Direct Relief International
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Charity Drive - Final Total!!!

We did it.

It doesn't just happen in the movies, folks... An Anon Angel came through at the very end, donating a good hunk of money to make up the leftover difference and allow us to make our $2000 goal!!

Then, of course, our matching funds kicked in...and hey! $4000 going to Direct Relief in Tabrett's name!

Heh. I admit it, I'm exhausted, so I'm going to go crash now. But again - you all are awesomeness itself!!

And I so wish that our Anon angels weren't so humble, 'cause we had quite a few people who came through with extremely generous contributions over the course of this drive, so I can only say it this way, here: Bless you and thank you. You made a big difference.

BeautifulLauren and I both appreciate, so much, everyone who pitched in and was supportive.

As soon as I have documentation from Direct Relief, I'll post a pic of it here, for full disclosure's sake... Meanwhile, celebrate!!!

FINAL Total: $2,000 USD
Goal: $2,000 USD

After Matching Funds:
Total Donation Amount: $4,000 USD
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Deadline Count Down!

I'm going to post the tally several times today, as we creep towards our deadline - any time there is any movement!

Current Total: $1,185.00 USD
Goal: $2,000 USD

Charity Drive Deadline: December 15, 2010, Midnight EST
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Charity Tally - Update and Deadline Reminder!

Well, we're coming up on our deadline for our charity drive for Direct Relief International in Tabrett's honor. If you planned to give, tomorrow is the last day! (Midnight EST, USA)

Thanks SO much everyone who has already contributed! This is a great gesture that I know will be very appreciated by Tabrett, and most especially by the people in need that will ultimately benefit from your generosity. This fandom rocks hard.

Current Total: $1,169.36 USD
Goal: $2,000 USD

Charity Drive Deadline: December 15, 2010